About Us – Website Use

We are a 4Life distributor group that develops the business in collaboration and with the support of the website:
quienes somos distribuidores 4life

Our distributors carry out three main activities:

The first is to sale 4Life Nutritional supplements.

The distribution is developed in several ways:

First way to distribute products

As a direct sale by the distributors of our website

Through the contacts section. In this case, the website user agrees on how to make purchases with the distributor and www.buyandsell4life.com has the function of a portal offering the user the opportunity to find a 4Life distributor close to his area.

About Us – Website Use - purchase 4Life products directly with distributors

Second way to distribute products

About Us – Website Use - distribute 4Life products as intermediarie
Sale as intermediaries (lending our 4Life code) between the consumer and 4Life. Our website and our distributors offer you the possibility of buying directly with the company in various ways and at cost price:

1) Purchase in person at the company office address,

2) Buy online in “MyShop” at the cost price.

3) Buy over the phone.

To better understand these 3 ways of buying with a borrowed code, please contact our local distributors or our online support.

Third way to distribute products

Sponsoring new members.

To help you to buy products yourself at 4Life offices by joining and having your own 4Life code with extra discounts when buying several products during the month.

In addition, as your sponsor, we offer you support and resources so that you can decide which food supplements to purchase.

Contact Us to understand the advantages of Joining 4Life as a new member.

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About Us – Website Use - sposoring new members

User Service Policy

The user of our website can easily and simply find a 4Life local distributor. The website in this case serves as a portal to find the nearest distributor. We appreciate comments, suggestions to improve our service.

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Distributor services policy.



To the distributors who join our 4Life Network, we offer the advantage of advertising their contact information on our website in the “contact section”, as long as they remain active in their business.

Our website is well positioned in search engines through SEO (Search Engine optimization) and with advertisements such as google ads. We also follow-up and cooperate with all our distributors, However, the responsibility and availability of the new member is also important to strengthen the relationship and dialogue.