4Life Success – Events and Recognition


Attend events to be inspired by 4Life executives and Affiliate leaders, discover how to build a successful business, learn the basics about 4Life products, network with other Affiliates, and take home amazing memories. Leaders are born at events!

4Life Success - Corporate-Sponsored Meetings

Corporate-Sponsored Meetings

4Life Success - Convenciones


4Life Success - Ignite Leadership Training

Ignite Leadership Training

4Life Success - Incentive Trips

Incentive Trips


It’s our way of saying, “Well done!” As a 4Life Affiliate, you’ll enjoy ongoing recognition for your achievements. From incentive programs to on-stage recognition at our international conventions, we love celebrating your hard work and dedication.

4Life Success - Platinum Elite rank

Platínum Elite

4Life Success - Platinum rank


4Life Success - Gold Elite rank

Gold Elite

4Life Success - Gold rank


4Life Success - Silver Elite rank

Silver Elite

4Life Success - Silver rank


4Life Success - Bronze Elite rank

Bronze Elite

4Life Success - Bronze rank


Check out the Rewards Plan for more information.

Affiliate Success

Compensation Plan

4Life is a top network marketing company with a Life Rewards Plan™ that offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. Our plan rewards both part-time and full-time business builders. Affiliates can earn monthly commissions, infinity bonuses, Builder Bonus payments, and luxurious Great Escape trips to dream locations.